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Theatre Arts Program

An all-inclusive theatre experience where kids will concentrate on audition prep, scene prep, voice lessons, theatre dance, acting, improvisation & so much more!! This program runs in 10 week sessions through the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons culminating in a thrilling performance on our in-house stage for friends & family to see. Your child will learn the value of determination and gain confidence while meeting new friends and making memories that will last a lifetime!!


This class uses Meisner Technique which focuses on external sources for inspiration, with actors reacting to fellow performers and their behaviors. They will work on improvisation skills which enable an actor to be spontaneous and respond to live moments as well as rehearsed situations. Students will develop the backstory for their characters and learn to trust their instincts. They will advance their interpretation skills and be better able to support their authenticity as an actor while communicating a character’s journey. In their partner work they will practice listening and responding to their scene partners making the process more believable all while developing the true meaning of the script. They will be given a monologue in which they can directly address the audience and speak the characters thoughts aloud while alone on stage. Giving them incredible tools for pursuing anything in life. They will receive many opportunities to perform, on our in house stage, during a revue show at the end of each session.

Fall 2023-24

Tuesday 4:30 - 5:30 PM

Typically this program is taken in conjunction with private Voice Lessons to help performers learn proper vocal technique and placement as well as increase their vocal range.


About Ms. Isabel

Isabel is a Los Angeles, CA native. She is a Musical Theater performer and educator. She has performed all over New York City. She has performed Off Broadway as well as in Radio City at the NBC Upfronts. She has appeared in shows such as Matilda and On Your Feet on Broadway. Isabel is a proud graduate of Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music. She studies Musical Theater and has acted as a guest star on Nickelodeon’s Brothers Garcia as well as Showtime’s Princess and the Barrio Boy. She has been teaching for the past 5 years to children all over the country. Isabel is passionate about teaching the next generation of performers and wants the best for her students.

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