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  • How do I get to Backstage studio of Dance?
    We are conveniently located in the Port Jefferson Business Center at 200 Wilson St.
  • What are your business hours?
    July 2021 Summer Business Hours Mon. 2:30 - 9:00 pm Tues. 2:30 - 9:00 pm Wed. 2:30 - 9:00 pm Thurs. 2:30 - 9:00 pm Fri. - Closed Sat. Closed Sun. - Closed Phone In Hours Everyday 2:30 - 9:00 pm
  • Are you still accepting registrations?
    We have an open registration policy through to Spring. As long as a class has not been closed out due to enrollment you may register at any point. Participation in our yearly recital for late registrants is not mandatory and depended upon being able to put in a late order to the costume company and receive it in time for our show. A rush fee may be included for late costume orders. Privates can always be arranged if the dancer feels they need some extra help to catch up with the class.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    We offer a discount for yearly tuition paid in full by the end of September. And, we always offer a trial class prior to registration to new students or any existing student wishing to try a new style! ​ For more registration information click HERE.
  • What styles of dance do you offer?
    All styles offered can be found HERE. Click on each style to find a short description of the class and when that specific style of classes are offered.
  • Do you offer any adult classes
    Currently we offer an experienced adult Jazz Funk class, CLICK HERE for more information. We are also always willing to open a new class/style with sufficient interest. If you have a group of 5 or more interested in a specific style we would be happy to open up a class. If you would like to learn more about our adult class options please contact us HERE for days/times and pricing.
  • How do I sign my child or myself up for classes?
    To register for classes you can: >>Sign Up online HERE. >>Call and register over the phone at 631-331-7566. >>Stop in at the studio during any of our business hours and speak with one of our friendly staff members.
  • Where can I purchase dance attire?
    We carry a full stock of all your dance-wear needs. You can either stop in the studio to pick up what you need or call ahead with a credit card for us to hold it to the side for you. When purchasing for younger children it is recommended that you bring them in to be sized, as dance shoes do not run the same as street shoes.
  • What amenities does your studio have?
    Our studio has raised dance floors that help to insure against impact injuries. We are fully centrally air-conditioned. We have charging stations and free WIFI for all of our Backstage families convenience. We offer your entire dance needs in one location not limited to dance classes in all genres but also all your dance-wear needs.
  • Am I able to watch my dancer in class?
    You are welcome to come and watch your dancer at any time. We have two-way mirrors in the doors of all three of our dance rooms enabling class to go undisturbed by visitors.
  • What team opportunities do you have?
    We have a wonderful, highly decorated, competition team at Backstage. If you are interested please message us HERE and we will be happy to answer any and all of your questions as well as setup an audition.
  • How much are your costumes?
    Our costumes can range any where from $65 to $95.
  • Where is the recital held?
    Our recital has been held at Comsewogue High School for the past 10 years in early June.
  • Are there any rehearsals leading up to the recital that I need attend?
    Yes, we have a Dress Rehearsal, usually held the weekend prior to Recital. All dancers are required to be at dress rehearsal dressed in costume with makeup and hair done. Here they will learn how to enter and exit the stage as well as run through their number 1-2 times. After their number is done on stage the class will exit the stage to take a professional group photo. Once they are done with their group photo they are welcome to take individual photos before leaving. Dancers only need to be at dress rehearsal for the time that is alotted for their classes rehearsal(s). A dress rehearsal schedule will be handed out as we get closer to rehearsal weekend. An extra blocking rehearsal is required only for certain dances that need extra time practicing on the stage. Generally all acro numbers and production numbers are required to attend this extra rehearsal. This schedule will be handed out as we get closer to rehearsal weekend. 2020 Dress Rehearsal Dates: Dress Rehearsal - Saturday, May 30th Blocking Rehearsal - Sunday May 31st
  • Why should I come to your studio?
    Backstage has been serving the community for over 32 years. We will help you or your child not only to learn how to dance but to love dancing. We will do this in a family oriented, fun and caring environment with wonderful teachers and staff members who care about their student’s progress and personal growth. We don’t just teach you to dance, we teach you to love dancing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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