Leaps & Turns

Leaps & Turns class is a technique class designed to help the experienced dancer become stronger and more flexible. This class will enhance technique in all genres. Through floor exercises and progressions across the floor dancers work on perfecting flexibility, different leaps & jumps as well as different turns combinations.

Dress Code:
Black Leotard, Tan Tights, Black Shorts or Pants, No loose fitting
T-shirts, or sweatshirts may be worn. A tight fitting black shirt may be worn over a black leotard. Hair should be secured firmly in place for all classes. Dance is a disciplined art form and rules are part of that discipline and have to be followed.

Leaps/Turns 1/2 ...................... WED 5:30

Leaps/Turns 3/4 (90 min) ...... THUR 4:00

Leaps/Turns 5/6 (90 min) ...... MON 6:30

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