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Pom & Kickline

Fall 2022 

Pom Pom (ages 5 - 10) ...... Wednesday 7:30 - 8:15

Starting at age 5, our Pom Pom Minis up to our pre-teen and teen Pom & Kickline classes are a perfect way to get ready for school cheer/dance team tryouts or take just for fun! Each class focuses on sharp arm movements, execution of choreographic visuals and dance team & cheer skills. Dancers are taught high energy routines that specifically focus on the ability to change formations very smoothly and seamlessly with great energy, dynamics and positivity. Our Minis class is often taken in conjunction with Hippity Tumblers or Acrobatics and Hip Hop. Our Intermediate and Advanced classes introduce specific skills including overall flexibility, high kicks, jumps, leg holds, leaps and turns. Our Intermediate and Advanced classes are often taken in conjunction with Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Jazz and/or Leaps/Turns.

Dress Code:
Fitted Shirt and Black Shorts or Pants. No loose fitting T-shirts, or sweatshirts may be worn. Hair should be secured firmly in place for all classes.
pom dance clipart
pom dance clipart
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