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Irish Step

The Irish Step Dance program at Backstage is a fun and non-competitive program.  Students get to learn about the Irish heritage while exploring both traditional and Riverdance styles of Irish. Irish Step is great physical exercise; students will gain beautiful posture, poise and positive self-esteem.  Learning the intricate patterns of choreography improves students memory, spacial reasoning, and promotes incredible teamwork. Taking an Irish dance class isn’t just about dancing, it’s being a part of a multicultural community; Irish dance gives its dancers, gifts that will improve the life of the students far beyond the classroom.  

Dress Code:
Black Leotard, Tan Tights, Black Shorts or Pants, No loose fitting T-shirts, or sweatshirts may be worn. A tight fitting black shirt may be worn over a black leotard. Hair should be secured firmly in place for all classes.  Dance is a disciplined art form and rules are part of that discipline and have to be followed.

FALL 2020 ................. MON 6:30

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