2019 Competition Results


Wonderful Job To Our Soloists and Duos That   Competed At GuiDance


Lucy & Jessie – High Gold

Flashlight – 1st Place High Gold - 1st Overall Senior Pre-Professional Duo/Trio

Shake The Room –High Gold  Junior Miss GuiDance

Smile – High Gold - 1st Overall Pre-Professional Junior Solo

The Girl In 14G – High Gold

I Want It Now – High Gold

Pep Rally – Gold - 1st Overall Pre-Professional Petite Petite Miss GuiDance

Take The A Train – High Gold

Time After Time – High Gold

Shooting Star– Gold

*Bei Mir Bist Du Shoen – High Gold

*Swing With Me – High Gold - 3rd Overall Pre-Professional Teen Solo 2nd Runner Up Teen Miss

Me And My Baby – High Gold - 4th Overall Pre-Professional Teen Solo

King Of Pain – High Gold - 6th Overall Pre-Professional Teen Solo

Papa, Can You Hear Me– Platinum - 1st Overall Pre-Professional Teen Solo "All Around Dancer" Teen Miss GuiDance

When You're Good To Mama –High Gold 1st Runner Up Teen Miss

No Roots  High Gold

In My Dreams – High Gold "Turns On A Dime"  Senior Miss GuiDance

Best Thing I Never Had High Gold "Artist and Athlete"  

Rather Be – High Gold

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