2019 Competition Results - Backstage Performing Arts

To All Our   Backstage Competition Dancers On An Amazing Comp Season!!


"Let's Party"


3rd Overall Intermediate Production

"King Of Pop"


1st Overall Intermediate Production

"Legendary Performance"

Diamond & Sapphire

"It's Oh So Quiet"
"Shot Clock"
"Lil Bebe"

3rd Place Platinum

8th Overall Advanced Senior Small Group


"The Struggle Is Real"


5th Overall Advanced Senior Small Group

3rd Place Platinum

High Gold


2nd Place Platinum



"Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" 

2nd Place Platinum

9th Overall Intermediate Teen Small Group

"Sorry Not Sorry"

1st Place Platinum

2nd Overall Intermediate Teen Small Group

"Riding Hood"

1st Place Platinum

"Love Myself"


 8th Overall Intermediate Teen Small Group


2nd Place Platinum





8th Overall Intermediate Junior Large Group


High Gold

10th Overall Intermediate Junior Large Group

"Shake It But Didn't Break It"
"Go Girl"

High Gold

"Somewhere Only We Know"

3rd Place High Gold




Emerald & Rhinestone

"House Party"
"I Spy" 
"Sugar Babies"

2nd Place Platinum 

3rd Place High Gold 

1st Place High Gold

10th Overall Beginner Petite Small Group


Musical Theater

"That Man"
"Charlie Brown"
"The Big Dollhouse"


3rd Overall Advanced Teen Large Group

1st Platinum

3rd Overall Intermediate Teen Large Group

"Commitment To Character"


5th Overall Beginner Petite Small Group



Lucy & Jessie – High Gold

One And The Same - 3rd Place High Gold

Kansas City – 2nd Place Platinum - 5th Overall Petite Intermediate Duo/Trio

Shake The Room – 2nd Place Platinum 4th Overall Junior Intermediate Solo

Smile – 1st Place Platinum - 4th Overall Junior Intermediate Solo - Broadway Dance Center Scholarship

The Girl In 14G – 2nd Place Platinum 8th Overall Junior Intermediate Solo

I Want It Now – 3rd Place High Gold

Popular – 1st Place Platinum - 2nd Overall Junior Intermediate Solo """'Ms. Personality"

Pep Rally – 3rd Place High Gold

9 To 5 –2nd Place High Gold

Take The A Train 2nd Place Platinum

Shooting Star– High Gold

Time After Time – Platinum

Bei Mir Bist Du Shoen – High Gold

Me And My Baby 3rd Place Platinum - 5th Overall Teen Intermediate Solo  "Nationals Invitational"

Always Remember Us This Way – Platinum - 4th Overall Teen Intermediate Solo

Swing With Me – 3rd Place Platinum


Beautiful Thing – 3rd Place High Gold

Sing – 3rd Place Platinum

King Of Pain – Platinum "Nationals Invitational"

Papa, Can You Hear Me– 2nd Place Platinum 8th Overall Senior Advanced Solo

When You're Good To Mama – Platinum  "Nationals Invitational" - "True Performer"

No Roots  High Gold

Best Thing I Never Had 1st Place Platinum

In My Dreams – 2nd Place High Gold

Copy Cat – 2nd Place Platinum "Nationals Invitational"

Rather Be – Platinum 9th Overall Senior Advanced Solo "Nationals Invitational"

Flashlight High Gold

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